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Getting Started – Steps to find the right accessories for your car

I’m David, from Smart World Company. If you are new on our website, this post will help you with the information you need to find the right Bluetooth car kit or another accessory for your car. Please watch the video or read the transcript.

In order to find the right Bluetooth car kit you need to know some  information from your car. This information will be the input in our Search Area that will give you the result of accessories like Handsfree Car Kits, Digital TV, Digital Radio, Rear View Cameras, iPod accessories, etc available for your specific car.

Please follow these instructions that will make it easy to find the correct Bluetooth car kit accessory for your car:

1.  Car model and manufacturing year:  These 2 pieces of information are important as some cars although they look similar, depending on the model and manufacturing year they might have been built factory built with a different car radio. Knowing your car model and manufacturing year will streamline the search of the right product. You can find this information in your car registration papers, where it is detailed your car model.  The model of the car also has a Range. Range is related with the manufacturing year of the car. in our Search Area you can choose the manufacturing year or the Range.

Eg. Mercedes Benz C Class. W203 – Are Mercedes Benz C Class and the W203 refers to C Class manufactured between 2003 and 2007.
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2.  Model of your car radio: This information is important as some products need to be connected on the back of your car radio, so knowing this information will help to find if an specific car kit is compatible with your car radio.  Car radios may have other names like head units, infotainment system, in car entertainment, car audio, control unit – don’t worry, they all mean the same. Wikipedia defines it “is a collection of hardware devices installed into automobiles, or other forms of transportation, to provide audio and/or audio/visual entertainment, as well as automotive navigation systems (SatNav). This includes playing media such as CDs, DVDs, Freeview/TV, USB and/or other optional surround sound, or DSP systems. Also increasingly common in ICE installs are the incorporation of video game consoles into the vehicle. Systems can be stand-alone add-ons, part of the OEM controls, or a combination of the two.”Fiscon Bluetooth Handsfree Kufatec 37788 for VW Touareg RNS 850

We have created some blog posts for owners of Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen to help you to identfy your car radio model. Please find below links to each one of the blogs created, hope this information will be helpful for you.

Useful links to help you find your car radio type

How to recognize my VW Volkswagen Car radio / Infotainment System (Head Unit)?

How to identify the type of car radio / head unit in my Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes Benz Handsfree Carkit Viseeo Guide

How to identify my Audi Car radio / Entertainment System (Head Unit)?

If you still need help finding the type of car you have, you can always CONTACT US and send pictures of your car radio and other information you have and we will be very happy to find the right Bluetooth car kit or any other device for you.

Once you have the information above very simply go to our Search area and fill in the required areas, click Search and our system will show you all the products compatible with your car.

Thanks for your time and hope to bring more valuable information for you in the future.

Enjoy your day,

David G.