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How to avoid skin cancer or other skin problems by checking the UV Index with smart accessories and gadgets

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the invisible killer that you can’t see or feel. UV radiation can be high even on cool and overcast days. This means you can’t rely on clear skies or high temperatures to determine when you need to protect yourself from the sun.

If the UV Index reach 3 or above, at that level, it can damage your skin and lead to skin cancer

Viseeo has developed two accessories that will provide you the UV index in a quick and accurate way

  1. Viseeo Doctor V DV-1

Doctor V incorporates with a sensitive UV radiation detector. It can detect both UV-A & UV-B ray to give measure of standard UV index and approximation the time that you might get skin burn. It also gives advice how to protect yourself from the harmful UV ray. What’s more is it can be used as an industrial UV intensity meter that measures natural or manmade UV strength in W/cm2, mW/cm2 and W/m2.  Simply to use, you just plug into your mobile phone device and it will launch the app that will show you on the screen all the readings and information on how to protect yourself. For more information or to buy this product go to this link :  or click here 

  1. Viseeo Sunny Gem UV-1

Accessory with built-in UV detection function that allows you to check environment UV instantly.  This does not require the use of a mobile phone and can be carried with you all the time.

Bright and colorful LEDs that display 11 levels of Ultraviolet ray defined byWorld Health Organization (WHO) for your quick reference. For more information or to buy the product go to this link or click here