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How to output music to your car radio from your iPhone 7 using your car auxiliary 3mm headphone jack?

I had a problem to solve, my car Mercedes Benz CLC200 model 2009 came with Bluetooth for phone calls but not for music, so to play music I was using the auxiliary 3mm headphone jack that is in the globe box. Now that I upgraded to new iPhone 7,  no headphone jack is available, so could not play music to my car from the phone.  Searching for a solution I found the new DeWalt DCR002 Bluetooth radio adapter, this little device is the perfect solution for people with cars with no music Bluetooth stream capabilities who play music from phones or use apps like Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

I bought this product because of its brand reputation, also great reviews on durability, good battery life and also in comparison with others, this product can stream music while charging.   Additionally I have my phone paired to the DeWalt DCR002 plus also paired to my car inbuilt Bluetooth phone, so while playing music if a call comes, the music will stop and I will be able to use my normal Bluetooth handsfree functionality.  Once I hang up the music will continue,

The other great thing is because it is streaming music via Bluetooth you can also charge your phone at the same time you listen music.

This device can used in cars, but also in any radio device with standard audio input.

So don’t worry you don’t need to sell your car or change your car radio to enjoy wireless music stream with the DeWalt DCR002.

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