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Proposes dashcam insurance discount in Australia

e-prance dvr  dash camerasOn Sunrise Channel 7 there was a discussion whether should insurance companies offer insurance discounts for drivers who have dash cameras.
We have all seen the video of car crashes captured on dash cameras. These pictures can help for people and policemen in the UK. Some insurance companies are offering premium discounts for drivers who have dashcams installed.
More than 2 million Australian car drivers have dash camera installed. Motoring expert John Cadogan agrees that Australian insurance companies should be offering discounts. There are 12 million cars on the Australian roads so it means that 1 out 6 cars are recording what is happening in the roads and in cases where previously would be a dispute, a case of he said, she said, with a dashcam it would be 100% clear whose fault was and it would save millions for insurance companies. According to John it seems completely fair that insurance companies could returned at least some of those savings.
Some of the dash cameras can record your location and speed. This information might be used against the driver but all depends on the insurance policy that driver sings. So it is always a better to do the right thing.

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