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Bovee Viseeo WMA1000 is Back – Best car iPod I iPhone wireless Bluetooth music stream product for Range Rover, Land Rover , Jaguar, Audi

Bovee Tune2air WMA1000 is back. Best car iPod I iPhone wireless Bluetooth music stream product for Range Rover, Land Rover , Jaguar, Audi, etc , check this YouTube video FEATURES: Plug and Play – no installation required, simply plug into your cars existing iPod cable Wireless connection with any Apple device via special Bluetooth technology […]

Bovee Tune2air WMA3000B with iPhone 7 via bluetooth (wireless) in BMW or Mini

Finally, a solution for BMW and MINI owners with cars with no Bluetooth streaming capabilities. The new Bovee ViseeO Tune2air WMA3000B is the perfect solution, it is easy to install and once paired you will be able to stream music from iTunes Pandora, Spotify, etc. iPhone owners will be able to see the track name, […]

Guide to Audi Music Interface (AMI), Mercedes Media Interface, Volkswagen Media-in Multimedia Port (MDI) and BMW USB / AUX-IN iPod integration system

Audi Music Interface (AMI), Mercedes Media Interface and Volkswagen Media-in Multimedia Port (MDI) These 3 iPhone / iPod systems are the most common and known. Basically they do the same job. They integrate iPods into the entertainment system (head unit) of a car and allows to stream music directly from them via a cable connected […]

What is the difference between Bovee Viseeo Tune2air WMA1000, WMA2000 and WMA3000?

Few years ago Bovee (Viseeo) released its best seller Tune2air WMA1000. It is a Bluetooth adapter that connects to an integrated 30-pin cable (non-USB) for an iPhone in a car to enable Bluetooth connection between an iPhone, Android or Windows phone to stream music directly to the head unit. There are many car models that […]

Bovee Viseeo Tune2air WMA1000 iPhone Android 30 pin to lightning Bluetooth car kit music adapter for BMW Audi Mercedes Installation

Hi, and thanks for your interest in Bovee Viseeo tune2air.  On this video we are showing how easy is to install the Bovee Viseeo tune2air WMA 1000, this products is  for  Audi, Mercedes, Ford and VW or any other cars with the original or aftermarket iPod integration (e.g. Dension Kit) installed that has a 30-pin iPod connector. […]