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Top 5 Best Car Bluetooth Kits and Devices to Increase Drivers Safety While Driving

Smart World Company after a research on product quality and customer feedback have created a Top 5 Best Car Bluetooth Kits and Devices to Increase Drivers Safety While Driving list. We consider that these devices will reduce the drivers distractions, reduce the changes of an accident and increase the comfort while driving.

  1. Viseeo Tune2air WMA3000A iPhone music adapter for cars with media interface (AMI and MDI) fits cars like Mercedes Benz, Audi and Volkswagen. Also this tune2air comes in another version WMA3000B that is desing for BMW with the USB/AUX-in iPhone connection. This device allows to control music with your steering wheel buttons and stops you from being distracted while changing the song on you mobile phone.
  2. Viseeo MB-4+ Bluetooth hands free car kit for Mercedes Benz with UHI interface to allow you to speak with your smartphone handsfree while driving. The best feature of the MB-4+ is that it allows you to receive and make calls by selecting your contacts from a synchronized address book using your steering wheel controls.
  3. E-PRANCE Mini 0805 HD the smallest DVR camera in the market, it won’t disturb you view. Comes with an Ambrella camera processor  with 2304 × 1296 @ 30fps resolution, GPS tracking to locate your position and speed, and G-sensor to record all the data before and after the accident happened. This device allows you to use the recording as an evidence in a road accident.
  4. Dension Gateway 500S BT GW52MO2 Handsfree and Music Streaming is a similar device as Viseeo MB-3+ that has a Bluetooth handsfree and A2DP music streaming functions. It is compatible with cars like Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and Porsche but it required installation.
  5. Kufatec – Fiscon Rear View Cameras provides vast compatibility with many car models. Great quality and easy installation enables rear view to ease parking your car and avoid accidents.