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Volkswagen will be releasing cars with USB ports

Volkswagen is officially discontinuing the use of MDI (media device interface) to USB ports starting from 2016 model car in the USA.

The problem with the MDI was that it was using a specific port to connect devices to the infotainment system and originally it was designed for iPods. So there was a big issue for Android users where they had to buy special adapters like Viseeo Tune2air WMA3000A.

Mark Gillies, Volkswagen’s manager of product and technology claims that, “We are moving to USB in place of the MDI system because that’s what our customers in the U.S. have been asking us for.”

Not having an USB port in cars of a mass market car manufacturer like Volkswagen made a lot of discomfort for their customers.

Furthermore, Volkswagen is releasing not only USB ports but also but also new App based infotainment system that works with Apple’s CarPlay, Google’s Android Auto and Mirror Link interfaces.