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What is the difference between Bovee Viseeo Tune2air WMA1000, WMA2000 and WMA3000?

Viseeo WMA1000Few years ago Bovee (Viseeo) released its best seller Tune2air WMA1000. It is a Bluetooth adapter that connects to an integrated 30-pin cable (non-USB) for an iPhone in a car to enable Bluetooth connection between an iPhone, Android or Windows phone to stream music directly to the head unit. There are many car models that have this iPod / iPhone system such as BMW, Ford, Audi Music Interface (AMI), Mercedes Media Interface and Volkswagen Media-in Multimedia Port (MDI).

To understand if the WMA1000 is compatible with your car is pretty easy. If your car has an integrated iPhone media interface with a 30-pin cable then it will work. However, in other cars the iPhone media interface (BMW, Lexus, Infinity, Ford, Fiat and others) was based on USB port. A lot of people think that if you have a USB to 30-pin cable you can connect Tune2air WMA1000 and it will work without any problem. But they are wrong. Due to the differences in the head units and that kind of iPods media interfaces compared to the integrated 30-pin cable interface the WMA1000 is not compatible.

viseeo tune2air wma2000For that reason Bovee (Viseeo) had to release a new product Viseeo Tune2air WMA2000, which is specifically designed for USB audio interface. This device is also compatible with aftermarket stereos that have Apple certified MFI USB type iPhone ports.




Lastly, recently Viseeo released a third version of Tune2air WMA3000. This device was released to solve two last issues:

  • Music interface is missing the integrated 30-pin cable


Viseeo tune2air WMA3000AViseeo Tune2air WMA3000A version was released for that reason. It comes with the cable already integrated into it. Please note that it is compatible only with Audi Music Interface (AMI), Mercedes Media Interface and Volkswagen Media-in Multimedia Port (MDI) because other car manufacturers use a different cable connection port.



  • For BMW models that have USB / AUX-IN iPod integration system


Viseeo tune2air WMA3000BBMW designed their interface in a way that the power to the music device was supplied through a USB port and a sound through the AUX-IN (3.5 mm jack) port. So if you will connect WMA2000 it won’t be recognized by this interface.

The Bovee Viseeo Tune2air WMA3000B comes with a special cable that splits into the USB and a 3.5 mm jack and enables the Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone or music players leaving the original functions of the interface.


Tune2air compatibility table by model

Type of connection to the audio/media interface

Tune2air Version

Integrated 30-pin cable

USB Integrated 30-pin cable (when cable is missing) only for Audi, VW, Mercedes Benz


WMA1000 x
WMA2000 x
WMA3000A x
WMA300B x

  • Theresa

    I just purchased a 2012 Audi A4. It didnt come with bluetooth, can i use this for both music and hand free calling?

    • This device is designed to play music only. However, we have devices from Fiscon or Dension brands that can do both. Please let me know the model of you car radio and I will show you options. Please check the link below:

      • nabilalk

        I have a Dension IceLink + on a 2004 BMW e46. Will the Tune2air work for both music and hands free calling with my existing set up? Thank you

        • The WMA1000 would have worked but they have been discontinued

          • nabilalk

            Thanks for letting me know. I found one on Amazon, so I will give that a shot.

          • nabilalk

            It looks like the WMA1000 can only stream music. When a phone call is initiated, it kicks the audio output back to the phone itself, and will not allow output through the car stereo.

  • Eddie

    I connoted the device WMA3000A to my 2008 Audi Q7 and it will not power on or pair to my iPhone 6 plus, can you help?

    • Hi Eddie. Have you tried before pairing a phone with the cable only? If not could be that the device is faulty.

      • Eddie

        Yes I did try to pair it up first to my phone. The blue light does not even come on the device at all. So I am thinking it is a faulty device.

  • Jose Marin

    Can i use this product to connect my galaxy note 4?

    • Yes of course. It works with all phones that have Bluetooth enabled, however due to the limitations of your car head unit you won’t be able to see songs on your car screen.

  • J Spencer

    I already have the AMI cable with the 30-pin connector in my 2011 Audi A4, should I just buy the wma1000 and plug it into my existing cable, or should I buy the wma3000A? Are the bluetooth units both the same, or is the wma3000 upgraded or more capable in any way compared to the older wma1000 unit?

    • Hi, the WMA1000 has been discontinued and replaced by WMA3000a, if you still can get one of the WMA1000 it is fine but WMA3000a comes with a new generation chip

  • Andrew

    Will the WMA3000A work with my 2005 Mercedes SL65 AMG? I am not sure if this model Mercedes has the required 30 pin socket in the center consol? It may be some other phone socket…

    • Check if it has the socket for the WMA3000a cable in the glove box

  • Nikh

    Hi David I have 2015 Audi A4 that came with an Aux cable. I use a Windows Phone as my daily driver. I am able to hear to phone calls, send texts from car speakers but when I try to play music it always plays from phone. Will my Windows Phone work with WMA3000A….

    • Could you please send me a pic showing how you phone is connected?

  • Nikola Savage-Brajdic

    Hi I have a 2006 Audi A4 with a 6 cd changer and a 30pin cable in the glove box. I have tried to use a similar product (cool stream duo) with no luck as the system doesn’t recognise any input. Will this product be any different?

    • this device is specially designed for cars not for music players. It will work for you

  • Jay Reg Avant

    The descriptions of the WMA3000a says it streams your ipod library from your phone will it also stream spotify from your phone and will the car controls still work with spotify?

    • With Spotify and other third party apps there are some issues. Yes you can stream the music but you won’t be able to see the songs in the dashboard display and depending on the cars head unit you may not be able to skip the songs with the steering wheel controls

  • James

    Hi David, I have a 2016 Audi Q5 will the WMA 3000 works? and also will I get navs direction or just music?

    • If you Audi comes with the same connection that it will work. Regarding navigation you won’t be able to see the map in your car display but you would get the sound directions from you phone.

      • James

        Great, thank you.

  • Ken Reed

    Hello David, I have a 2010 Audi Q5 with 3G MMI Plus. Two questions… First, is the WMA3000A compatible with iOS 9.1? Is the WMA3000A upgradeable via firmware?

    • Hi Ken, yes it is compatible with the iOS 9.1. Device has a micro USB port to connect a USB cable for a software upgrades in the future.

  • Michael

    Hi David,

    is there ANY advantage from the WMA1000 that can’t be achieved with the WMA3000A ? Can you imagine any situation (older car for example) where one needs the WMA1000 and can’t go with the WMA3000A ? If I have a built-in 30-pin cable, that can’t be removed, could I still use the 3000A? Thanks!

    • There is not much difference between WMA1000 and WMA3000a. The reason that Viseeo have replaced the connection of the WMA3000a is that many drivers would buy a WMA1000 to connect to systems like your and it would not work. These devices are designed for special car systems only like AMI and MDI

      • Michael

        Thank you for your quick reply, David! Isn’t it the other way around? My system with a built-in 30-pin cable, which is not removable, should be compatible with the WMA1000 but I’m not sure about the WMA3000a since it also has a cable ? Or can the WMA3000a cable be removed and become a WMA1000?

        • WMA1000 might be compatible but I cannot promise all the funcionalities. However, WMA1000 has been discontinued so it is really hard to find it

  • Jussi Mikkonen

    Hi David,
    Just gor DHL package my WMA3000A which I ordered when noticing that I have iPhone cable in my Mercedes GL glovebox, but then when trying to install WMA3000A I noticed cable was not connected to MDI but directly somewhere else – cable goes behind walls without any connectors visible. I consider they might be two choices – open needed walls etc and find cable connector point and replace it with MDI or if there is suitable connectors build iPhone cable ->MDI -> WMA3000A set-up.
    Do you have any experence of similar situations and recommendations how to build-up bluetooth connection?

    • Hi Jussi, sorry but there is no adapter for your situation. Check in you cars papers if comes with the Mercedes Media Interface. If yes then the connector might be behind the wall.

  • Ahmad Al Qudah

    Hi David,

    I have Mercedes Benz W211 2006- E500- Japan imported and i have cable onle like the attachment, can you help in this?

    thank you

    • Sorry Ahmad but this connection is different. I have never came across a Japanese Mercedes but I have checked and nobody sells WMA3000A in Japan.

      • Ahmad Al Qudah

        David i am based in UAE – Abu Dhabi and very intrested in your producat. i need silution please.


        • The only solution that I can suggest is Densio or Kufatec products. But they are not plug and play, they require installation.

  • axel


    i have a 2013 audi a5 with ami, opened the package plugged the wma1000 in and not only does the car say the device isn’t supported, but the wma1000 won’t even light up or anything when i plug it in. could this be just the cars issue like with the cable? im confused whats going on and seem to be the only one whose device doesnt work

    • Hey, sorry for late reply. We were doing some changes in the website. Try to connect the wma1000 in to a stereo system that has a 30-pin port and check it.

  • RG

    Hi, I bought the wma3000 thinking that it would work in my Range Rover, but it plug wont fit in the socket. I had read that the wma1000 works on RR’s. Does anyone know if this is just a problem with the 3000

    • Does your range rover comes with the port of the WMA3000A?

  • D Bryce

    Hi I have a 2009 Audi A5 . If I use the wma3000 for playing music through my iPhone will I still be able
    to use the Bluetooth connection for telephone calls?

    • Yes you will be able to use your factory fit handsfree function, however some Audi models can interfare the Bluetooth signal with the handsfree signal and you will here some hiccups while playing music from your phone.

  • Danny Bolung

    Hi David I have bought a WMA2000 for my Audi A5 (2011). If i connect this adapter to an original audi cable with the usb connector (and a 30 pin connector for the connection to the car). I only have for a few minutes a bluetooth signal and then it stops and the connection with my iphone 6s is gone. What can be the reason? I live in holland so a WMA3000 is not available for me.

    • Hi Danny. Do you know the model of your head unit? I could speak to Viseeo and ask

      • Danny Bolung

        Hi David I have an audi MMI 3G i think due to the SD slots.

        p.s I apologize for the delay of my answer.

        • With a multi-color display?

          • Danny Bolung

            Hi David Yes with a multi-color display

          • Ok. I will ask Viseeo if it is compatible

          • Danny, when you connect directly your phone to a cable you are able to play music and control the songs with your steering wheel?

  • Sharon

    Hi David,
    I am not sure on which model I should get. I have a 2009 mercedes Benz clk 350; is the WMA 1000 or WMA 3000 compatible with my vehicle.

    Thank you

    • WMA1000 is an older version of the WMA3000a. If you car comes with the Media interface, you just disconnect the iPhone cable and plug the WMA3000A

  • Ugur le Kepe

    hi i have a 5 Audi with MMI 2G and AMI. The WMA 3000 is not working. the WMA 3000 not compatible?

    • There is no signs of life? Or the blue light flashes?

      • Ugur le Kepe

        No, the LED is not lit, yet recognizes the Ami WMA 3000

        • Device might be faulty. Please contact your seller

          • Ugur le Kepe

            Are you sure it must work? With MMI 2g?

          • Yes, your car is compatible

          • Ugur le Kepe

            I tried it with an Audi TT, and since the LED

          • So it might be that there is something wrong with your AMI, because ussually these cars are compatible

          • Ugur le Kepe

            the AMI is original and will work with a USB flash drive without any problems. Even the cable for an iPhone 4s works without problems. I think the fault lies not in the AMI

          • Ugur le Kepe

            I’ve tested it in an Audi TT, it works without any problems. Music playback via Bluetooth works

  • Ugur le Kepe

    Are you sure it must work?

  • Sam

    Hi! I am using a Sony z3 (android) and I am wondering how on earth I stop auto play? Even when I close the music app or Spotify or pause the music it automatically plays again after 2-4 seconds!
    If I only would like to use the GPS I have to have music on.. Is there a way around it?

    • Hi, not sure. I have never had anyone with this problem

      • Sam

        Alright, what should I do? Otherwise I am really satisfied with it, just mute the stereo and you’re a hero but I don’t want it to drain my phones battery while I’m driving.

        • Try different music apps, maybe it will make a difference. Otherwise, the best option would be to use an iPhone…

          • Sam

            Okey! Thank you very much!
            One more question: when the car is off, tune2air seems to be still on and my question is: is this normal and how long is it normally on? Will it drain my cars battery? (Audi q5)

  • Nikki

    Hi David, I have a Audi Q5 2012, with the AMI 30 pin adapter already in it, I believe i can remove that MMI cable. Do you suggest I get the WMA1000 or WMA3000? Do you think the WMA3000 has better quality when playing music since it is the newer edition or are they the same? Also when connected to either viseeo product am I able to receive phone calls through the bluetooth connected to my audi? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Nikki. WMA3000A is the right version for your. WMA1000 has been discontinued and replaced by WMA3000a. You cannot receive phone calls as the AMI fuctions just for music streaming. But if your car has a bluetooth handsfree install then yes you can

  • safan

    HI.. I have a Audi A4 2014.. i have a AMI to USB cable.. If i get WMA2000 will it work?

    • It should work but I cannot promise. Sometimes it is tricky with the WMA2000

  • CK

    Hi. My Mercedes CLC 58 plate has the interface in the centre armrest and not the glovebox. It has COMAND with bluetooth telephone pre wiring but no audio obviously (which is why I’m here). I have tried to connect my wma3000a but cannot see any blue light at all. Very annoyed as a lot of money spent.

    Can you help?

  • Marc Glenn

    Hello, I have a Range Rover Sport 2010. I bought it second hand and it did not come with the iPhone cable. I purchased the WMA3000a device believing it was correct however have just tried it and the connector does not fit with the connector in the car. I have tried to find the WMA1000 to purchase however not having any luck in the UK. Do you know anywhere in the UK selling the older model? And if I get this model, and a Land Rover iPhone cable will it be compatible?

    • The problem is that WMA1000 is a discontinued model so it is really hard to get

    • xrado

      Hi, I can sell you mine if you are interested.

  • Edwin Wiedmer

    Hi David, I have a Audi A6 (4F), Juni 2008, with a MMI 2G. I would like to have a Bluetooth solution in connection with my MMI. Bluetooth for telephone is installed and working, Navi in the back of the car, screen is colored and a CD-player in glove box. What kind of solution do you propose? Thanks a lot for your ideas.
    PS. I already bought a solution in the US ( with special MMI-cable, hardwire power kit and bluetooth adapter. In general it is working with a lot of interferences (cracking, general noise and the loudness is not good enough. The indication on my MMI is perfect.

    • If you want a Bluetooth device to connect your phone to stream music so you should get the WMA3000a. The problem is that with some of the MMI’s when the bluetooth handsfree is enable interfere with the WMA3000a bluetooth and creates some kind of hiccups to the music that you stream. If you turn off the Bluetooth of the handsfree it works fine. But I am saying that it does not happens in all models..

  • Yannis Manegas

    Hi David, I have a 2007 Mercedes CLK (W209) with the DVD based COMMAND navigation system. I only have an AUX input. Can I use the ViseeO Tune2Air WMA3000B with the split USB/AUX cable if I plug the USB cable in the 12V power plug? Is the USB cable there just for power transfer or does it transfer data as well? The way I see it is that the USB cable is to power the Adapter and the aux should pass the audio to my car speakers. Please feel free to suggest any alternatives if this doesn’t work. Thank you!

  • Lucas Rhodes

    I have a 2008 Infiniti G37s coupe with the factory to 30-pin connector. From what I can tell I need the VMA1000 ViseeO Tune2Air model. Is this correct, and does it work with current versions of Apple iPhone software like iOS 9? Thank you.

    • Unfortunately WMA1000 has been discontinued so it is hard to get one. But if you can find one it should work

      • Lucas Rhodes

        I can still buy a new one. Because it has been discontinued will I have trouble with firmware updates, etc. or will it continue to be supported?

        • Don’t worry for the updates, the last one that it came will last for a long while. The has to be a really game changing innovation in the Bluetooth tech to make it stop working

  • anandid

    I have 2011 GL450 and bought wma3000a, and having issues in which the calls getting interrupted due to the Tune2Air( I loose the voice call audio in between) , but I am not having issues with playing music. So I need to disconnect the Tune2Air in order to receive and make calls without interruption.

    Is there any update or other solution to fix the issue?

    • Hi, this is the first time that I heart this kind of issue. Usually is the opposite. Do you know the model of your head unit?

  • Hanipap

    I have an Audi a4 b8 with the MMI2g.
    Recently bought the tune2air WMA3000a. When i connect it to my AMI it doesnt blink blue. Does my audi support the wma3000a? Or do i need to get another version of the tune2air?

  • D. Roberts

    I have a 2013 S350 Bluetec with the Mercedes Command NTG3.5 .
    read all the information and it seems the ViseeO Tune2Air WMA1000 would
    have been what I needed. Can you please make a recommendation.
    I have
    also looked at the “CoolStream” Duo but my car seems to fall into some
    sort of void when it comes to Bluetooth streaming.
    I would also like to retain my phones steering & hands free functions.
    Thanks in advance for any input.

  • D. Roberts

    Yes, if you’re referring to the cable that attaches in the glove box socket and out from that there are two lines. One has an Apple 30 Pin connector and the other has a 3.5 mm female jack.
    The Mercedes Command NTG3.5 was only made for two cars, the W221/W216 (S and CL class). From My2010 to My2013. (I’m quoting from what I read online on more than one site).

    • Can you detach the 30-pin cable?

      • D. Roberts

        I don’t know if you mean detached the 30 -pin separate from the rest of the cables, then answer is no. Detach as a whole from the Mercedes input in glove box, yes.
        The cable is one piece. I have attached photo.

        • yes it looks alright. WMA3000A works for your car

  • paola

    I have a 2008 audi A4
    This is too much for me to follow Lol..just want good music
    What device should i purchase?

  • Mohamed Ashmawy

    Hi David, I have an 2008 A6 4F with the below specs:-
    – multi colored center screen (not the red-only text)
    – colored digital screen between the speedometer (not the red only-text)
    – My MMI main button doesn’t have the joystick so I gather I am not 3G, and I am not
    2G Basic too (because of the above description of the NAV & Screen colors)
    so I must be “2G High” right?
    – My AMI is the glovebox
    – I have satellite NAV, the device in the trunk

    I was told the WMA3000 wont work because it’s made for 3G MMI. Is this correct?
    Would the WMA1000 work with me?

    • It works with MMI 2g High as well

      • I will double check with Viseeo but so far we have not had any problems

        • Mohamed Ashmawy

          Hi David, are you talking about WMA3000 or 1000?

    • I have talked with Viseeo Tech Support and they said that there is no problem with MMI 2G until it is factory fitted

  • Mary

    Hi David I have a 2013 Dodge Journey which has a USB and AUX connection in the arm rest. If plug the USB straight to my iPhone 6 it will play music and I can control it from the in car display. Would the WMA300B work for the SUV? I know the WMA1000 does not work as I already tested it out.

    • Hi Mary, I am not sure because WMA3000B is designed for BMW and I don’t think Dodge has anything to do with BMW. Maybe WMA2000 would work it is purely USB device.

  • Paola Lugo

    Hi David, I have a 2013 Audi A4 and an Samsung S6 edge. Which unit will be best for me? Thanks a lot!


    • Hi Paola, does your car come with the AMI system?

      • Paola Lugo

        Hi, thank you for getting back to me. I think we are talking about something like the pic, right? If so, yes it does.

        • Yes, you just need to connect the WMA3000A into it

          • Paola Lugo

            Great! Thanks!

  • Mike Perusse

    Hi David, I’ve been using a WMA3000A for a little over a year and for the last few months it’s performance has been pretty spotty. I use it with an iphone 6s. Most of the time the car will recognize it and it will load all the playlists and artists, but I can never get it to play, either autoplay or car control play/pause. I have to either start it playing from the phone in which case the display may or may not sync with what is playing, or I have to trick it into playing by selecting the rewind or fast forward control. I was wondering if the WMA1000 is more reliable?

    • Hi Mike,

      WMA1000 is a discontinued version. You can try to upgrade the WMA3000a software maybe that will help. Also clean the Bluetooth device memory from your phone

  • James

    Hi, I have a 2007 Audi A5 i believe the AMI is 2G will this device be compatible?

  • Shannon Lynne Morrell

    I have a 2014 A5, and I have the WMA1000. It used to work almost perfectly but since I got an iPhone SE, if I’m not playing a song when I get in car, it doesn’t connect. It attempts to connect then kicks back to my CD. I listen to Sirius a lot and that doesn’t always trigger it. Is there a fix? If not, is there any guarantee that the 3000 will fix my issues? I’m getting pretty frustrated. =(

    • I will pass your issue to Viseeo tech support.

      • Shannon Lynne Morrell

        Thank you!

        • Would you pls provide us the following information for our checking ?

          1. Does the blue light turn to solid and stay on solid after connected the phone with tune2air ?

          2. What is the message displayed on the car screen after connected the phone with tune2air ?

          3. What is the IOS version of the iPhone SE ?

          4. Has the customer stored some CD or mp3 music in the phone or downloaded some music from iTunes store to the phone ?

          Meanwhile, pls try to follow the steps to clear previous error and pair again from the beginning:

          1. Clear (forget) connected tune2air from iPhone after the phone has connected with tune2air, then turn off the Bluetooth of the phone.

          2. Restart the iPhone; pls don’t turn on the Bluetooth of the iPhone at this moment.

          3. Unplug the tune2air and plug it, the blue light will start to blink.

          4. Turn on the Bluetooth of the phone and pair it with tune2air.

          • Shannon Lynne Morrell

            1. The blue light does come on and stay on.
            2. Message on phone says there are no playable tracks on the device. But it does grab the sound when I get inside my car. Sirius will then stayed paused because it doesn’t go through Bluetooth…unless I play a music track, then switch over. It’s kind of a hassle. (Music plays automatically as you will read below)
            3. 9.3.2
            4. All of my music is stored on my phone or streamed through Apple Music. If I have a track playing when I get in my car, it typically connects right away. However, if a song isn’t selected or I’m playing Sirius, it won’t connect. This wasn’t a problem before. Sirius used to connect automatically, and for music, it would play the first track stored on phone or the cloud (if I’m using Apple Muisc) in order of alphabet.

          • Thanks for your reply.

            Please test with old iPhone and see if it still works fine ? When did you purchase the unit ?

            Pls also let us know the firmware version of the unit, pls follow the steps to access the firmware version from iPhone :

            After connected the iPhone with tune2air-> Setting-> General-> About-> TUNE2AIR

  • Louise

    Hi there, I have an Audi A3 2012 with Audi Concert. Have been using AUX cable to play music from phone through stereo, but find the cables untidy and often in the way of gearstick/handbrake, plus loss of quality and inability to use steering wheel controls is a disappointing solution. Looking for another solution that would play music through stereo and give me functionality with the controls, etc, I found and ordered the Viseeo WMA3000A, which arrived today. I excitedly went to plug it in but the cable does not seem to fit the iPod connection in the glove box?

    Instructions specifically instruct you to plus the multimedia connector into the multimedia port (for iPod)

    The car has an iPod connection in the glove box, which fits my iPod classic or an iPhone 4 – like the connection for the discontinued WMA1000…

    But the Viseeo connector does not appear to fit the iPod connection in my car.

    Am I missing something? Or have I ordered the wrong item? Hope you can help please? Many thanks! 🙂

    • Hi, you have to disconnect your existing cable

      • Louise

        Hi, it’s not a cable the iPod connection is built into the glove box. Thanks

        • please send me a picture of it

          • Louise

            Thanks for your help, pics of connection attached…

  • Javier Falcón Barroso

    Hi, i have an Audi Q5, and i use the viseeo wma3000a, it works perfect. Can i leave it connected after using and leaving the Car? Do it affects to the Car battery?

  • Dr. H. Shand

    Hello David,

    I have an Audi S4 2011. I have been use the 1000model with galaxy S3 for a year with no problems. I got an iPhone 6s Plus today and connected it to the tune 2 air. Blue light is solid and Pandora shows music playing through tune 2 air. However, Audi display shows loading. It’s been loading foreve. Any suggestions??

    • I will ask Viseeo how to solve this issue

    • Pls try to import some CD or mp3 music or downloaded some free music from iTunes store to the phone. And then follow the steps to clear previous error and pair again from the beginning:

      1. Clear (forget) connected tune2air from iPhone after the phone has connected with tune2air, then turn off the Bluetooth of the phone.
      2. Restart the iPhone; pls don’t turn on the Bluetooth of the iPhone at this moment.
      3. Unplug the tune2air and plug it, the blue light will start to blink.
      4. Turn on the Bluetooth of the phone and pair it with tune2air.

      • Dr. H. Shand

        Thanks for response. That’s exactly what I had to do. I downloaded an album and then the system loads and will play the album and then I can switched to Pandora.

  • Agata

    Hello Dave, I’ve been using WMA1000 in my Audi A4 2009 for over 3 months and it worked perfectly. Now I drive VW Golf GTI 2010 and I have issues.
    The biggest one is sound quality. I use Spotify on Samsung S5 to play my music, all my playlists and other music sounds just horrible! There are times that music plays clear but 9 times out of 10 the sound quality is unbearable.
    Worth mentioning is that in order to fix the sound quality issues I have unpaired my phone and paired it again, logged off of Spotify and logged back in.
    Second issue is that once WMA1000 connects to my phone, it disconnects from my car. But there are ways around it, what it takes is to turn the Bluetooth my phone off and on several times and the dual connection gets steady. It’s annoying though, in my Audi I enjoyed non disrupted connection and the music was playing right after I stepped into the car.

    Can’t seem to find a solution, the sound quality issue is my biggest nightmare but I know it’s doable, this car was playing clear music once or twice already! Please advise!

    • Hi Agata, please check if it has something to do with the cable, try to move it while playing music and if it makes a difference. Let me know your results.

      • Agata

        Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll play some more with the cable while the music will be on. I did have disconnected the wma1000 many times though and connected it again, sometimes it helped. Cables look neat and tight, don’t think there’s an issue there but will try again. I have cleared cache on my phone today and see if it helps. Will def let you know!

        • Agata

          So I checked the cables and everything seems to be fine, they sit tight and there’s no room for any movement so that they can get lose. Music played awesome for the first half an hr I drove today, after that – with the next track, the quality went terrible (cracking speakers). Music played from the CD or radio was still @ perfect quality. Any ideas what goes wrong all of a sudden and without what seem to be, any reason?

          • Do you have any other bluetooth devices connected at the same time?

          • Agata

            No, the wma1000 is the only device that my phone is connected to. My phone isn’t even paired with the car itself. I’ve noticed that while my phone is connected and ready to play music, the cars Bluetooth control light is orange in color instead of green (done some research on the GTIs Bluetooth connection today), maybe the problem lies on the car-phone line? Unless this control light only indicates that my phone isn’t paired with the VW.

          • Please disable the cars bluetooth through settings and that should fix the problem

  • Dan

    I have an Audi Q5. With the WMA3000a, is the only way to control spotify via the phone directly and not the wheel or media panel?

    • yes as your head unit does not recognize 3rd party apps