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How to watch Netflix movies or Amazon Prime Videos in my car stereo?

How to watch Netflix movies or Amazon Prime Videos in my car stereo?

This is common question ask by people who do long hours on their cars , that sometimes have to wait in the car until their kids finish their activities and want to catch up with Netflix. Also drivers who his main job is to drive cars, or people who go on holidays and drive a car to a different town and need a way to entertain their family. I found the easiest way, and is plug and play, no need install anything weir on your phone or car radio. or jailbreak any of your devices. No need to hack any app or operating system. The answer is app2car. An easy to use and install device that will transform the way you use your car radio.

Watch Netflix movies in my car radio

I can now watch Netflix , Amazon Prime Video , HBO Now, Youtube , Crackle, Tubi, Hulu, Stan, and other video streaming services in my car radio , don’t require any experience just plug and play a device in the USB port of my car. This device is called app2car . The only requirements is the car radio to be Carplay compatible, this device will be recognized by the carplay in seconds and a new screen will show on the car screen where you can play Netflix, Amazon prime video , youtube , etc.

Use Navigation apps like Waze in my car radio

I can also use navigation apps like Waze , BackCountry Navigator, HERE wego, MapQuest, Mapfactor, Google Maps,, Scout GPS, InRoute, mapfactor etc. The device comes with the GPS option in the box so accurate GPS information can be send to app2car . Also app2car comes with google assistant installed, I can tell google assistant to drive me to the nearest petrol station and it will launch google maps and do that.

Use social media apps in my car radio

I can now use other social media apps like facebook, instagram, tiktok with my car dashboard with app2car. And as I am into games I can install games like Candy Crush, or others. I can install apps available in Google play store. I have tested this product on multiple car manufacturers with amazing results, and I have multiple videos showing how easy is to install and use in my youtube channel.

Play movies from a USB stick in my car radio

Not only that, app2car allow me to play movies, videos and music from a USB stick. Also is compatible with the car dashboard so I can turn volume up and down or skip song on the USB key using your car steering wheel controls.

Play music from Spotify in my car radio

Talking about music , I was able to listen multiple music apps like Deezer, iHeartRadio, Jango Radio , LiveXLive, Pandora Music, SoundCloud , Spotify, TuneIn Radio, YouTube, Radio station apps, etc in mar car using app2car. You can control the music from your car dash board, no more using your mobile phone to play songs from an app that is not recognized by your carplay, this device will let you install and use it in your car screen with ease.

Use Kids apps like Nick Jr. or play books in my car radio

I am now running my kids favourite apps like ABC Kids, Google Play Books , Intellijoy kids apps ,Khan Academy Kids , Kids Doodle , Nick Jr. , Oceanhouse apps , PBS Kids , YouTube Kids, etc in my car radio using app2car. My kids can now play videos, audio books, music or interactive learning apps from them in my car touchscreen while we wait for mum to finish her haircut.

You want to find out more just click here and let me know if you have any questions. don’t forget to watch all our installation videos in my youtube channel.



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