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What is the best wireless CarPlay and Android Auto option?

What is the best wireless CarPlay and Android Auto option?

Wireless carplay and wirleless android auto adapters are becoming more and more a comodity and a need. Carplay users have found that wired cable connection is not 100% reliable and sometimes depends on the quality of the cable you use. Also for some users who drive short distances and make a lot of stops on the way , having to plug and unplug the cable has become an annoying exercise. And is even worst if you own an iPhone and your couple own an Android as you need to have two different cables and plug in and out depending on who is driving the car.

Depending on what type of car you got , your budget and also extra features you may want the product to do , there are a number of wireless carplay options available.

Miudrive car smart box

Carplay and Android Auto for cars manufactured before 2016: 

Optipon 1. Replace the entire original audio car radio head unit with a third party alternative, for that we recommend the Pioneer , Alpine or equivalent current model, if you don’t have experience installing head units, you will need help form a technician, aprox cost of parts, installation and integration with your car steering wheel controls and rear camera could cost you easily over $1000.

Option 2.  If you want to save installation cost there are external universal plug and play units like CARPLAY4ALL that is self installation, and sound can come from your car Bluetooth system ,  via Audio AUX or FM Transmtter. This unit comes with wireless apple carplay, wireless android auto, mirroring and also can play video and music from USB flash drives or SD Cards.

CARPPLAY4ALL self installation universal wireless carplay solution

Carplay for cars manufactured after 2016

Cars without OEM carplay: If your car is manufactured after 2016 but it didn’t come with apple carplay or android auto, probably best option is CARPPLAY4ALL

CARPPLAY4ALL self installation universal wireless carplay solution

Cars with OEM wired carplay: If your car came with apple carplay and you want wireless carplay and maybe extra features we will show you different dongles available:

  • Affordable wireless carplay dongle for iPhone users:
  • If you only require wireless carplay but require the most affordable option, the Carplay mini3 is one of the cheapest and most reliable in the market and compatible with majority of car manufacturers.

    carlinkit mini 3.0
    Carplay mini3 is one of the cheapest and most reliable wireless carplay solutions

    Cars with OEM wired carplay: If your car came with apple carplay and you are an android user and would like to connect your android phone to your carplay car, we have a solution, the CP-AA wireless adapter

  • Wireless Android Auto and Wireless carplay 2in1 for iPhone and Android users
  • If the people who drive your car have different phones some of them iPhone and some of them Android , we recommend the CP-AA wireless adapter
    Cartizan CP-AA

  • Luxury wireless carplay for iPhone users:
  • If you drive a Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Range Rover or any luxury car , we recommend the Viseeo Play2air, a bit more expensive but small , classic and great desit will convert your wired carplay into wireless
    • Wireless carplay and phone mirroring and play media from USB stick for iPhone users:

    If you want to expand the use of your wirless carplay dongle with extra features like mirror your phone on your car radio or play media like videos or music from a USB stick, we recommend the Carplay plus.  This device is small, great price and very reliable with excellent support.

    Carplay plus. wireless carplay, mirroring and media play support

  • Wireless carplay , wireless android auto and watch Netflix stream video and install more apps normally not available on carplay in your headunit radio for iPhone and Android users.
  • This will give you full advantage of what your car radio can offer and more. We recommend the App2car: this dongle will give you Wireless carplay, wireless android auto , phone mirroring, play media from USB stick, and be able to install apps from google playstore  like games, navigation, music media, video stream media like Disney plus, Binge, Amazon prime, and more , also comes with HDMI port so you can use it in external HDMI screen.  Also if your car came only with apple carplay and you won an adroid mobile phone this product will bring android auto to your car radio by just plug and play

    App2car: most advanced wireless carplay dongle that allow you to do more on your car radio screen

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