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Smart World Company external CD player for Carplay

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Introducing the external CD Playback for Carplay

Bring back the nostalgia of playing your cherished CD records in your car

Budget bundle option 1: When connected with the CP Dongle plus – it also enables Wireless apple Carplay and mirror your iPhone

Full features bundle option 2: When connected with the CP-AA-Video – it also comes preloaded with Netflix and YouTube, Wireless Carplay and Wireless android auto, also you can play audio and video from USB port and mirror your phone, offering endless entertainment possibilities during your drives.

Key Features:

  1. CD Player: Rediscover the joy of playing your beloved CD collection with the built-in Bluetooth CD player. Simply pair your smartphone with the CP-AA-CD, insert your CDs, and enjoy high-quality audio playback with a touch of nostalgia.

  2. Easy Installation: Installing the Smartworld external CD player is a breeze. Plug the CP Dongle plus or  CP-AA-Video into your car's USB port and plug the external CD player to the adatper USB port,  and you're ready to experience the future of in-car entertainment alongside your cherished CDs. (check video below)

  3. Enhanced Audio Quality:  playing CDs and ensures exceptional audio quality, delivering crystal-clear sound for your listening pleasure.

  4. Compact and Portable: The Smartworld external CD player has a compact design makes it easy to carry and use in multiple vehicles, ensuring you can enjoy wireless connectivity, CD playback

  5. Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of car models with wired carplay from factory when connected with CP Dongle plus or  CP-AA-Video , also compatibles cars with Android stereos

  6. CP-AA-Video  or CP Dongle plus adapter  is required to use the external CD player in cars with wired apple  carplay stereos  and is sold separate to enable CP player and more features.

Upgrade your car's entertainment system with the CP-AA-CD and enjoy the best of both worlds: modern wireless connectivity, the timeless charm of CD playback, and the added bonus of preinstalled Netflix and YouTube. Stream your content, navigate with ease, and relive your favorite CD tracks, all in one compact and innovative device. Elevate your driving experience with the CP-AA-CD today!

Budget bundle optio 1 Video:

Full Feature bundle option 2 Video

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