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AA Wireless Android Auto (only) Adapter

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✅ Convert Your Wired Android Auto to Wireless!

Android Auto is a simpler, safer way to use your phone in the car. AA wireless Android Auto adapter provides a wireless connection to your car's existing Android Auto-capable infotainment system, making it even easier to get all your favorite maps, media, and messaging apps on your car display. It powers your phone on your car screen. 

✅ Seamless Connection. Connect Automatically and Flawlessly!

After the first time is set up successfully, the AA dongle eliminates the need to plug your phone into your car’s infotainment system every time you get into the vehicle. This allows for easier access to your favorite navigation, media, and messaging apps.

✅  Switch between the original car system and the Android Auto system.

When you use the wireless AA adapter, you can easily switch between the Android Auto system and the original car system in the car, it will not change any of your original settings. You can easily enjoy the navigation of Google Maps, and Waze, listen to music and summon the voice assistant.

✅ Plug and Play

The setup of the AA device is simple and easy. You can directly plug in a USB adapter to cars and trucks which can be used wired Android Auto. To use it wirelessly please pair it with a compatible active Android smartphone. 

✅ Wireless Capability

Previously, you had to keep your phone wired to use Android Auto all the time, AA now solves this problem. 

✅ Carbon fiber shell.

The new model of AA wireless Android auto adapter is made of carbon fiber material, it is scratched resistance and anti-fingerprint.

✅ Small, Compact, and Unobtrusive.

Just fit inside the center console vertically or fix it with velcro in the glove box, then forget about it, it takes almost no space at all. 

 Download manual 

Update steps via USB flash drive:

1„ÄĀPrepare an USB flash which less than 32GB, and format it to FAT32.
2„ÄĀPut the firmware I sent you into the root directory of your USB drive
3„ÄĀPlug the product into the car USB port, the product do not connect to the phone, Just stay at UI interface.
4„ÄĀConnect the USB flash to the product's USB port, it will shows updating, and please do not power off during the upgrade, then it will shows upgrade is completed.

5„ÄĀRemove the USB flash, unplug and re-plug the product to the car.

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